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How to Look Great in a Portrait
 Portrait of Kate Jackson in her home

Most people (including myself and Personal Stylist, Jill) have some anxiety about getting their picture taken. What to wear, how to pose, among many other thoughts.

It can be tough to relax enough to capture a photo that looks like the real you. And yet most of us need a headshot for one reason or another, be it work, social media, public relations, creative projects, online dating, you name it.

So, how can we get that perfect portrait shot?  I sat down with my friend and Personal Stylists, Jill Marinelli to ask for some advice.

I feel the best way to cope with anxiety about being in front of the camera is to follow the photographer’s lead. A good photographer will help you feel strong, empowered and comfortable. These feelings may occur through conversation, humor, and guidance through different poses. Sometimes it is not the perfect pose that I am looking for, but the unguarded moment that happens afterward. These moments often result in images that look authentically YOU.

It is important to remember that a good portrait photographer will probably take 100 pictures of you. There will be bad ones! Just like taking a selfie, it takes few (or 10!) tries to capture a look you love. Try not to worry about the shots where you have closed eyes, or you have a weird facial expression. It is ok to be unguarded, silly, or laughing because even though those shots may not result in “the one,” the photo was taken moments after might just be your favorite.

What should you wear?

I recommend staying away from solid black or white, and Jill agrees.  Jill says that white can make you look washed out and black doesn’t “pop” against a neutral background. Jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are almost universally flattering.

Portrait photographer in RI

A simple, well-fitting top or dress with a bit of texture and a piece of jewelry is a great option.  Place color and pattern where you want to draw attention and try to incorporate pieces that make you feel powerful and confident. You will be far more relaxed in something you love.

Generally speaking, avoid wearing many patterns with a cluttered background. However, as you can see in the image below, rules are meant to be broken!

Environmental portrait example

Always bring an extra outfit to your shoot and men, a couple of extra ties.

Ladies, apply a little more makeup than usual, and if you are not skilled at this, I recommend using a professional makeup artist like MaryElle O'Rouke.  As well, if you need help with your hair, get it. A professional blowout may just rock your world 😉

Overall, keep it simple, wear a bright color, make sure your clothes fit perfectly and are wrinkle-free. Then, do your best to relax and trust the photographer to help you shine!

Personalized Portraits by RI photographer