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Our Fun Team Building Activity

Multimedia Photography And Video Crew - Group Pics
Years ago, I created a tradition to photograph the crew on set for our larger projects as a fun team building activity. This group photograph typically has a theme based on the project we have just completed. Our focus is to capture the energy and narrative for this particular project - so creating the photo gets the whole team involved in creating the style of team portrait we.

These group photos are always taken with my iPhone and in a square format so I can share on Instagram and other social media outlets. Indermaur Media's crew is very professional and experienced, while we always share our passion with a level of fun and excitement for creating a visual media photography and video project.

What started as a random idea to share our excitement on a corporate multimedia set has turned into a quick team building exercises. Here are some examples:

I always take two photographs, and the first one is typically be a little conservative among some people. Though the second one everyone is onboard and making it as silly and fun as it needs to become a fun group bonding activity. I always look forward to our next visual production so we can create another team photo with passion.