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Corporate Headshots in RI, Boston MA and beyond by Scott Indermaur

Corporate headshots for websites, social media, bios or brochures by Scott Indermaur, a Rhode Island based professional photographer offering on site portraits in RI,  Boston MA, New England and beyond.

Headshots - Portraits

Portraits and headshots have many uses in social media for your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other purposes. I am often hired by clients to photograph headshots for an individual subject and associates from entire departments for their corporate website, associate's bios, sales brochures, public relations, and social media. It is common to photography headshots in New England and nationally with a schedule that includes other corporate and commercial photography and video needs.

When a corporation is in need of portraits/headshots, we usually create a studio at their offices. That way the subjects only need to break away for about 10 minutes vs. the time it takes to drive to a photographer's studio. A spacious space gives us more options with lighting, though it is not necessary. We have photographed headshots in offices, conference rooms, a corporate lobby, hallways and even outside.

Headshots can take from a few minutes to twenty minutes to capture. There have been times we have to photograph 20 subjects in about an hour. 

All the images below may be cropped tighter to make a more formal headshot. The entire image may be shown to accommodate the design and show more of the person's personality.


Example of a tighter crop from a few above images

Environmental headshots

Environmental Headshots are very popular among corporate and commercial clients. These portraits use the individual's surroundings as a background. The background is blurred to give it a unique graphical element and show a sense of place. 


Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New England and beyond

While I am based in RI, I have traveled to corporate locations in Boston MA, CT and other locations throughout New England and the United States to do on-site studio quality environmental portraits and headshots. I also travel worldwide.

I have added 8 steps to a Succesful headshot - Portrait in my blog