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Commercial photography and videography project team

Meet Indermaur Media of Rhode Island's corporate and commercial photography and videography projects team. Available to travel anywhere in the USA or overseas on assignment(s).

Indermaur Media's Team

Indermaur Media's team is made up of successful and highly motivated independent contractors that focus on one specific task. These are all long term business relationships and we have worked with Rhode Island assignments to corporate and commercial photography and videography projects throughout the United States and overseas.

Rhode Island commercial photography and videography projects company

Scott Indermaur

Scott is the backbone and principal member of Indermaur Media's team.  He has over 20-years of experience with photography and video. Returning to his photojournalism roots from his early days with the Associated Press, Kansas City Star, The Arizona Republic and The New York Times, Scott remains very involved in creating multi-media stories.

Scott has drawn together the following team members to Indermaur Media, and proudly introduces them to you


Stacey Koch

Stacey has over 30 years of experience with a broad range of local and International clients. She manages parts or all of our production, casting, styling, and location needs. She is an asset with keeping us on task and completing things like receiving photography permits, organized during preproduction and then making sure our on-location sets stay on schedule and everything is in order.

Mike Henriques

Mike is an innovative storyteller who crafts detail into every production. He specializes in digital cinema. He has 23 years of experience working with teams to assemble the production process to executing the vision. 


MaryElle O'Rourke

Maryelle is a much sought-after artist and works with us on most of our projects. She also manages a Boston-based team for on-location makeup artists and hair stylists working locally and internationally with celebrities, pro-athletes, and dignitaries, as well as commercial, corporate, editorial, and bridal clients.


Jill Marinelli

Jill is a personal stylist, public speaker and style correspondent for CBS Providence’s The Rhode Show. Focusing on body image, the power of personal style, and social science research, she teaches her audiences and clients how to look great, project confidence, and ultimately change their lives through their appearance.