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Reviews and Testimonials of Indermaur Media and Scott's Work

View glowing testimonials and rave reviews of Scott Indermaur's work accomplishments, as well as for productions and published media produced by the Indermaur Media team.


Testimonials from wonderful clients, vendors, photographers and friends.


Kalen B., Marketing Manager for Office and Consumer Goods

I can't recommend Scott enough. We've worked together on several projects for my company and every time it's been a slam dunk! Scott is professional, flexible and all around one of the best people you could have the pleasure of working with. He truly has an eye for creative and his output is always first-class! He's become my go-to for photography and training and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Portrait of Lori Giuttari

Lori G., President, CEO

I hired Indermaur Media to create a video series for LG Coaching& Consulting. I had not done this before and every step of theproject, from inception to post production to completion, wassmooth and seamless. Scott directed each phase and I am sohappy with outcome! Check it out!

Stan B., Photographer at an International Auction Marketplace

I like Scott!

Right from my initial cold call (about four years ago), I found a capable contract photographer.  We had a common bond, from the start, and a straight forward conversation about the project requirements. He is a freelance, world traveler guy, I am a studio guy.

Not sure how he would integrate into my small studio setting, but right away, Scott blended into our workflow. A welcome addition to our team. Since our initial conversation, we have worked together a week or two, in studio, for many years. Scott always brings a very positive feeling and presence to the job. I like Scott, and he produces fantastic images in the studio setting.

Public Relations writer

Suzanne M.,  Marketing based in Rhode Island

Scott distills decades of professional photography experience into digestible, actionable know-how that interns and staff can follow to create the type of content that social media demands and often need to be done without the topnotch pro behind the lens.

Erik S., Story Teller & Influencer via Photography & Video

I'm a professional photographer, and I've known Scott for almost 20 years. I've known a lot of photographers in that time, and I can say with no exaggeration that Scott is one of the most professional, kind, conscientious, talented and hard working photographers I've ever met. His professionalism means you'll get what he bid, not some watered-down, phoned-in, second-rate work. He has a vast set of safety protocols for clients that they don't ever see: redundant equipment, redundant data backup, and a team of professionals to help make your project a success. Kindness is hard to brag on (and Scott wouldn't do it about himself) but it's important. What good is it to have a talented photographer on your job that burns bridges with your contacts and is generally miserable to work with? Scott is both talented and yet pleasant to work with. If there were ever a photographer I'd want to lose work to, it would be Scott. 

Makeup Artist - Stylist

MaryElle O. Makeup Artist based in Massachusetts

I have been working with Scott for almost a decade now. We have worked together in many different cities/towns, under different weather conditions and with an array of clients. I can confidently say that in all shoots that we have worked together he has always brought his "A game”  and has the ability to make the talent comfortable and get the best expressions out of them for the shot the client is seeking. 

Kimberly G., Actress and Model based in Massachusetts

Scott is a rock star in the world of photography and videography.  Having had the pleasure to work with Scott a few times, it’s easy for me to see why his work stands out.  Scott has the unique gift of putting people at ease and connecting with people in an authentic, kind and compassionate manner.  I always enjoy working with Scott.



Stacey K. - Producer

Scott is a pleasure to work. He is a hard worker yet he is very relaxed  and very kind. I love that he stays focused and still can be so personable on set. The actors and the entire team feel very confident. Additionally, he is very clear about what he wants from the shot. If something isn’t working, he is quick to move on and come up with a better solution.