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Corporate Videographer with clients in MA, RI and CO and all of USA

Indermaur Media combines photography and videography expertise to create multimedia projects for clients in many industries like: Retail, Transportation, Banking, Holistic Wellness and Entertainment 

Indermaur Media’s team has proudly produced numerous multimedia projects including videography for every size clients in every type of industry: Retail, Transportation, Banking, Holistic Wellness and Entertainment. Indermaur Media scales up and down to fit your vision and budget to tell your story.


An introduction - "What is PrairieFood?" PrairieFood is an organic superfood that feeds soil microbes - the very foundation for what healthy crops need to grow. PrairieFood’s award-winning, technologically advanced process is different from any other technologies used in biomass transformation or manure management. PrairieFood is an organic matter, deconstructed to the molecular level, and reconstructed to optimize microbe growth. PrairieFood reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, and significantly reduces methane gasses in the environment. When you apply PrairieFood to the soil, you are organically feeding the microbes that then feed the soil. PrairieFood will revolutionize the farming and feedlot industries, and bring sustainability to agriculture that the world has never seen before. PrairieFood technology allows us to minimize the environmental hit our planet Earth is taking and delivers a perfectly sustainable solution for the agricultural industry. See more at

Read the blog post about the video and marketing production we created for PrairieFood here: tps://

Caught up in the chaos of clutter and cords? Move it, stack it and manage it with the Bostitch® Konnect™ Workspace + Cable Organization System-the ultimate cure for desktop disaster. By integrating patented cable management rails, power solutions and innovative storage accessories, the Konnect™ System helps users organize, customize and optimize their workspaces. Behind the Scenes blog about this Boston multimedia product - Video produced by Indermaur Media Inc.

NebraskaLand Bank was awarded the 2018 FHLBank Topeka's Community Leadership Award. This story is about the Bank's connection with the thriving community of North Platte and Kearney, NE.

Lori Giuttari of LG Coaching, introduces RightLife RuleBook, a digital coaching course that guides people through the process of creating the life they want. Also, the entire course videos were produced by Indermaur Media.

This video was created for the Society of Actuaries Matching Gift Campaign.

The mission of the Math Motivators program is to help close the achievement gap by establishing a volunteer-driven math tutoring program that pairs low-income high school students with professional actuaries and college students majoring in actuarial science, mathematics, or math education.

Read the blog post about the video production we created for a non - profit fund drive

The Savory Grape, in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, is all about the experience and this story is told through the owner, Jessica Granatiero, associates and customers. They offer in-store and out of store experiences that go beyond the average wine store.

Ryder's Boston facility keeps trucks on the road during the worse winter the area has seen in years. Employees speak about the importance of keeping their vehicles in top shape for their customers.

Mia and Bobby are a bona fide team in marriage and are professional award-winning floral designers who work together daily to bring about the best in each other and the freshest in designs and unparalleled service. Twigs is on Main St. in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Fort Morgan, Colorado community has a love of family and pride in the work they do every day. They share stories of how their local community bank, Morgan Federal Bank, stepped in and makes things happen and what they mean to their families. Fort Morgan is located in Northern Colorado.

The Bodhi Spa offers a rejuvenating health experience without imposing time restrictions on your wellness journey, either solo or with loved ones. Their unique facility offers the art of detoxification through hot mineral baths, infrared and electric saunas, aromatherapy steams, cold plunges, organic based skin care and more, to showcase your beauty through health. Located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Scott Indermaur and Vi Khi Nao were paired up on Design Driven Performance, led by Erik Ehn. This was the first annual image + word space/time challenge. Eleven visual artists are paired with eleven writers. Images start with conversation; writers respond with text. 48 hours later, there's something mutual to show Scott Indermaur - Vi Khi Nao - Derek Piotr - and

Official music video Skin/Bone by Ghost Guest.

Video Credits:

Director - Scott Indermaur
Photographer - Scott Indermaur
Producer - Kelly Markus
Assistant - Tia Bauer-Hummel

Ghost Guest:

Caitlin Indermaur - Vocals/Guitar
Scott Canavan - Guitar/Vocals
Heru Black - Vocals/Screams
Ghost Guest - tambourine and sad whistles

Hometown is Worcester, MA.