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Rhode Island Photographer And Videographer For Corporate Projects

Photography and videography projects for corporate narratives and commercial use by Rhode Island media company. Strong photography and videos that support client brands while enhancing their narrative story.

Rhode Island Photographer and Video

Providence portrait by RI photographer Scott Indermaur
Corporate commercial narrative photography and video in RI

Rhode Island Photographer

Indermaur Media is based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island and specializes in photography projects for both corporate narratives and commercial uses. Owner Scott Indermaur serves clients throughout the state to create strong photography that supports his client's brand and enhances their narrative story. The city of Providence and Newport, with its wide variety of landscapes, architecture, and culture, is a highly sought after location for corporate and commercial visual projects. From small businesses to large corporations, Indermaur Media's photographs are on billboards, magazine advertisements, marketing collateral, internal communications and company portraits, and corporate website and social media use.

Rhode Island Videographer

RightLife RuleBook is a self-guided coaching course for people ready to untangle their paths and live a passionate, balanced life, personally and professionally. This introduction is by Lori Giuttari who has a coaching service at . The website about the course may be found at Video produced by Indermaur Media Inc., a commercial videographer company in Rhode Island.

Indermaur Media offers a variety of video options for small business and large corporations throughout Rhode Island. As a New England based videographer, Indermaur Media's team uses the full range of landscapes, architecture, and culture to create videos that expand and enhance a business' narrative story to build their brand.

Companies use video more and more to create interactive promotional content and increase the ease with which customers are informed. From small businesses to large corporations, Indermaur Media's video capabilities include the creation of online digital courses, corporate documentaries, marketing and advertising campaigns, and artistic creations. 

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